Dads Group

Dads Group Inc was founded to establish fun, safe, learning environments for new dads to connect with their infants and toddlers.

ACE Filter’s supports Dad’s Group Inc out of recognition that new dads, just like new mums, can benefit from connecting with others going through the life changing experience of parenthood. We recognise that when dads connect with each other they also become more engaged with their local community, friends, children, partners and families and that leads healthier safer communities.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Every year families relocate for days, weeks, months and even years, so that their children can access vital and often life-saving cancer treatment. Besides the devastating reality of seeing one’s child experience acute illness, the economic consequences of childhood cancer can be devastating. Cancer treatment often means frequent travel and accommodation costs, which adds the additional burden of financial pressure and income insecurity.

In recognition of this, ACE Filters supports Ronald McDonald House, a charity dedicated to providing a ‘home away from home’ for families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment. Through supporting this charity, we hope to contribute to providing an affordable, secure and comfortable form of accommodation for families facing the challenges of childhood cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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Wheelchair for Kids

Wheelchairs For Kids manufacture and distribute World Health Organisation (WHO) approved wheelchairs and provide specialised therapy to children and teenagers with disabilities living in disadvantaged communities. Wheelchairs For Kids have found that when young people experience improved mobility and independence they are better able to pursue education, and later in life, participate in paid employment.

Wheelchairs For Kids produces approximately 3550 per year, which are distributed


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Baltrane School Building Program in Philippines

Beltane School is situated in one of the most densely populated places on earth, with an estimated 80,000 people inhabiting each square kilometre. Many people in this region lack adequate water, housing, sanitation, education, health and employment.

ACE Filters has contributed $20,000 to Baltrae School to ensure that local students and teachers have access to a well-resourced, safe and reliable learning environment. Our work within this community has included the renovation and refurbishment of the school, including: painting, general repairs and weatherproofing of buildings and the purchase of locally manufactured desks, chairs and black boards. As an outcome of these improvements, this school can now accommodate an additional 100 students.

Rumbeck School (South Sudan)

As one of the ‘lost boys’ of South Sudan, Samuel Manhom was among thousands of young children forced to flee from their homes and families during a long and devastating civil war.

Since arriving in Australia as a 21-year-old refugee following many years in Ethiopian and Kenyan camps, Samuel has worked tirelessly to improve not only his own life, but those of his compatriots since his arrival in Australia in 2004.

Samuel is now a community business leader and recognises the transformative value of education.

Building an on-going link between Australia & South Sudan, it’s Samuel’s aim to build a community primary school in his former hometown of Rumbek that will provide students with a well-equipped learning environment which he believes will support the growth of civil society and lead to a self-reliant nation.

ACE Filters have committed $19,000 to this project.

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Repair of Fishing Boats after Typhoon in South Philippines

In 2016 a typhoon Nock-Ten, known locally as Typhoon Nina, hit the Philippines forcing 380,000 people to flee to evacuation shelters. This typhoon decimated indigenous fishing villages in the south of the Philippines. ACE worked with Rotary to repair fishing boats that were destroyed during the typhoon. This enabled local fishermen to continue to earn income and provide the local population with fish, the most important and traditional food staple.

Ace Filters

Pack Horses for The Dumagat People (Philippine Indigenous People)

The Dumagat are an indigenous group who live in scattered isolated mountainous regions, south of Manila. Due to geographic barriers, Damagat children have limited access to formal education opportunities.

ACE Filters have contributed $5,500 to these communities to provide pack horses for the transportation of goods within this remote region. This contribution reduces the likelihood that children will be required to participate in the transportation of goods and improves their chances of attending school.

Ace Filters

Minnane Elementary SPED School (Philippines)

According to the Philippine Association for Citizens with Developmental and Learning Disabilities, Inc. (PACDLD), there are about 4 million children and youth with disabilities, of whom only 2 percent go to school and 1 percent are properly diagnosed.

The Minane Elementary School is located in an area called Conception, a region situated 1.5 hours north of Manila . ACE Filters employs over 70 local people in this area, a factor which has dramatically improved the livelihood of many living in this community.

When we established our manufacturing plant in this region there were very few opportunities for children with disabilities to access education. In response to this need, ACE Filters provided the necessary funds to transform a derelict army building into a ‘Sped School’ or special education facility. Since its opening, this school has grown in size from 12 to 70 students. We are pleased to have worked side by side with members of this community to help provide the children and young adults with disabilities with the opportunity to complete their education and later, achieve economic independence through paid employment.

ACE Filters have contributed a total of $35,000 towards the improvement of Minane Elementary School, an inclusive institution that seeks to extend educational opportunities to children with disabilities.

Our support of Minane Elementary School has included:

• renovation and refurbishment of the disabled children’s annex

• installation of air conditioning

• donation of funds for a braille computer. In doing so, up to 20 local schools are able to use this braille technology
• construction of three specialty classrooms equipped to accommodate students with a range of disabilities.

• donation of books and footwear.

This project was completed in partnership with Rotary Club of Manningham