Professional and effective protection products for your safety and the safety of those around you

A quality face mask will protect you and those around you from potentially harmful airborne particles, including bacteria, germs and viruses. Worn over the nose and mouth, they prevent you from sharing germs with others, while simultaneously preventing you from breathing in germs and other contaminants. We are offering three-ply disposable surgical masks in packets of 50. These are hypoallergenic, medical grade masks with elastic ear loops. They are practical, comfortable and breathable. Perfect for work or just venturing out.

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Our masks are designed to limit the wearer’s exposure to virus particles, germs, dust, vapours, smoke, and pollution. They are ideal for professionals across a range of industries including healthcare, hospitality and food service, manufacturing, cosmetics or any other work involving close person-to-person contact. They are also suitable for wearing in public to protect the wearer and the people around them from virus and germ transmission.

Available for order now, so stock up today.

Reusable Masks

We are also now stocking premium quality multi-use masks. Made from durable and breathable neoprene fabric, these masks are washable, reusable, reversible and hypoallergenic. Featuring a micro filter and three layers of protection, they provide highly efficient filtration and superior protection from germs and viruses. Available now in four different colours.  Battle green, red, navy blue and black.


  • Multi-use masks (washable, reusable, reversible)
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Three layers of protection, highly efficient filtration
  • Available now in four different colours (Black, Navy Blue, Battle Green and Red)

Protective Face Shields


For full face protection, we offer reusable protective face shields. Made from clear acetate plastic, they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Easy to assemble, they are one-size-fits-all and can also be worn with glasses.

These full-face masks provide medical-grade face and eye protection from splashes, biological hazards, corrosive materials and hot liquids. Combine with a cloth face mask for the ultimate in germ and virus protection.

To ensure superior clarity of vision, they come with an anti-fog coating on both sides, high-quality clear plastic and a scratch resistant finish.

Suitable for a range of industries and applications including medical and healthcare, food service and processing, cleaning, manufacturing, chemical handling and more.

Available to order now.

We offer Hospital Quality hand sanitiser

Medi-San is an alcohol-based, antibacterial hospital-quality hand sanitiser. It’s a clear, odourless gel designed to kill 99.9% of germs quickly and effectively. Made in Australia, Medi-San contains 70% alcohol, more than the effective level required to kill germs and bacteria.

Designed for use across the health care, hospitality and food processing industries, Medi-San is also suitable for general hand sanitising at home or the workplace. It dries quickly, requires no water to provide a complete clean, is pH balanced and contains moisturiser, so it’s gentle on the hands.

Available in 500ml bottles, you can order today from Ace Filters.

Why Medi-San hand sanitizer?

70% alcohol

Kills 99.9% of germs instantly

Hospital quality

Manufactured in Australia

Hand santizer