Fryrite is an oil filter machine that filters & purifies down to 4 microns – dramatic extension of the life & quality of your oil

The Fryrite Filter Machine purifies down to12 microns – this means a dramatic extension of the life and quality of frying oil. This will save you the cost of the machine within approximately 6 months!*

This cooking oil filter machine is lightweight, compact, safe to use and requires no manual handling of hot oil.


  • Total draining angled filter tank base
  • Elevated corners to prevent build – up of oil after filtration
  • Temperature protected hose and wand
  • Drain tap for cleaning
  • High quality finish
  • Clamp down tank cover
  • Snap-on connector
  • Powerful pump to filter through tight filter paper and powder
  • Tank cover for protection against dust and dirt after use
  • Comes in a range of sizes including 26, 30, 40 & 50 litre
  • total capacity models
  • Filter papers available to suit both size models

*Based on using 2 drums of oil per week.

Ace Filters

Oil Handy Transporter

1. Fill

2. Walk and Push

3. Hook

4. Squat and Empty

Fryrite Filter Box

Manual fry oil filter unit

Cleans oil and removes free fattby acid (FFA)

30 Litre stainless steel tank and filter box
Upper level tank size 10 litres
Lower level tank size 25 litres

Unit size:

340mm high x 485mm deep (plus tap) x 410mm wide