Loaded Filter Paper

New! Easy to use Cooking Oil filter paper loaded with magnesium silicate

Ace Filters’ Loaded Filter Paper is an oil filter paper loaded with performance enhancing Miracle Powder. Miracle Powder is a magnesium silicate food grade white powder that absorbs acids, water, carbon and other impurities from your cooking oil. Unlike standard filter papers, this powder is added into the first stages of manufacture then dried, forming part of the structure of the paper. The end result is an all in one cooking oil filter paper.

 Physical Property  Metric units
 Basis weight  175.5 gsm
 Thickness  0.7366 mm
 Rapidity  mls/min
 Frazier permeability  144.0 l/m²
 Tensile strength MDT dry  4553 N/m
 Tensile strength CDT  N/m
 Retention  26 microns
 Wet burst  cm
 Paper loading powder  15% w/w
 Caliper  0.6 mm

CHARACTERISTICS: White, unfinished, cellulose-filled sheet. The oil filter paper is loaded with magnesium silicate. Food grade approved. Can be converted in bags, sheets or discs


Download our Loaded Filter Paper flyer

Ace Polywashable Fry Oil Filter Bags

Specially-made for the European market

The filter bags and cones are made of heavy duty polyester which will withstand 150° c and can be washed in boiling water. All bags have studs and are colour coded for easy identification.

Bag filter& frames can be purchased separately.

 Polyester filter bag  Coarse 200 micron blue Fine 70 micron black  Extra fine 45 micron green Size 
 ACE medium  *  *  *  320 x 240 mm
 ACE large  *  *  *  380 x 330 mm
 MOFFAT    *  *  300 x 230 mm

Polyester mesh washable filter bag & frame

Polyester mesh filter cone & frame

 Polyester cones  Coarse 200 micron blue  Fine 70 micron black  Extra fine 45 micron green  Size
 Cones with tie  *  *  *  250 mm diameter

Save money: filtered oil cooks faster, lasts longer and improves taste

  • Available in washable mesh or non-wovens or celulose filter media
  • Filter range from 4 to 200 microns
  • Cones and mesh bags fit the ACE heavy duty conical filter frame
  • All filters are made of food-grade approved materials
  • 100% Australian-made

Non-woven disposible filter cones
We have 10″ and 11″ standard filter cones & 11″ heavy duty filter cones.

We offer a wide range of standard cones and bags filter and can custom make cones and bags to your specifications.

We also offer the Tuffy premium orange fry oil filter. Lower bursting strength and an improved micron-rating which gives you improved filtration.

Our prices are competitive against imported filters but our quality meets or exceeds FDA, HACCP and Halal requirements.

OilHandy/Vitto filters

  • Filter strip for OilHandy and Vitto filter machines
  • Simply push into cartridge chamber with tool provided
  • Makes filter changing quicker and easier
  • Very economically-priced